Industrial Washing Machine

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M/s Bullows Paint Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of the Industrial Washing Machine, which are designed based on the various researches made by the experts in last many years. Known for offering assured results, our Industrial Washing Machines are able to provide hassle free operations in the hardcore industrial applications.

Used For :
  • Cleaning & Washing of industrial equipment
  • Easy machining operation
  • Assembling of precision engineered components
  • Removing machine oil, chips, shop dirt / dust, etc.
  • General Cleaning Of
    • Screwed
    • Through holes
    • Tapped holes
    • Cavities
    • Galleries

Specifications :
  • Suitable water based cleaning media either dip / spray etc.
  • Various filtration systems for oil removal, chips / metal dirt removal
  • Provided with suitable interlocks
  • Components after cleaning are subjected to air blowing stage / drying stage to remove water traces from cleaned component

Types :
  • General Purpose Batch / Conveyorised Type Washing Machine
  • Dunking Type Batch / Conveyorised Washing Machine
  • Special Purpose Batch type Washing Machine
  • Special Purpose Conveyorised Washing Machine

Application Area :
  • Automotive Engineered companies
  • Aviation, Marine service products
  • General Engineering components

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